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Aftermath of Sept. 11...picture of cross

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There was a picture of a steel beam shaped like a cross after the Sept. 11 horror and tragedy. Does anyone know where I can find it?
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Hi Shamrock,

I know the one you are thinking of I too have seen it, and I can't find the thing, I have looked and looked and now it is driving me crazy because I just saw it like a week back.
I'm not giving up just yet though.

It's driving me crazy too. I've always prided myself on being able to find things.

I know it WAS on the "Drudge Report" site. But they don't have any archives (to my knowledge). I've also looked at "Google's"
image site, but not much luck. I've tried looking at a few Christian Sites, but . . . zippo. I'm not giving up either!

The "Art Bell" site has kind of a neat pic. It shows ground zero with three crosses over it. Fake photo, but moving non the less.
The picture I am looking for is when it was first found and seems like it was kind of on top of a pile. That's the pic. I have in my mind of what I saw. I've found pictures of it that have it standing straight but that's not what I was hunting for.
Thanks for your help... hope we find it :)
Oh, now you're getting fussy! Right now, I'd be happy to find ANY damn old thing! ! ! ;)
I finally found one. But this is probably not THE one you want.
I think I know which one you want, but haven't found it yet.

It's not this one, is it? ==>


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Hi Shamrock

I have a picture in my head of a cross of beams, atop a huge pile of rubble, that had just formed itself from out of the devastation, that is, it wasn't constructed by man in the normal sense.
Is that the one you're looking for?
I know I've seen it somewhere, but I've been through hundreds of images and photo galleries at CNN, NY Times, British Times, BBC, Newsweek and even an antipodean news service (NZ I think).
No luck so far, but it'll turn up soon.


"Oh, now you're getting fussy!"

Now that is funny........
It's a womans perogative(sp) (what spellchecker?) don'tcha know?

DNeurococo: No, that isn't the picture I wanted...Keep trying!

Mike C UK:Yes, the one you mentioned is the one I'm thinking of...great heads must think alike LOL

Nope that's not it either, now how could he know what picture I was thinking of?
I just do, and we'll find it.....

I used Spider recently, and I've been kickin' myself hard because it would have been in one of those hidden URLs that I just dumped like a dummy

See what you've started? I'm workin on it 'cause I want to find it bad now.....:(

Dark Star: Ok, when I found that one picture, on the same page was a picture of a fireman sitting with his head bowed and an angel on his right(I think she had a tear in her eye) with her head on his shoulder. I thought I had saved the page but I didn't... now you can look for that one too... please:D

That IS the pic I've been looking for, now you tell me wasn't it like framed in like a faint aura of rising smoke clouds?

Shamrock, I'lll find it if it is the last thing I do, this whole picture thing is so deja-vu.

Ill check back.....

Looking for the cross. However, I have stumbled onto this:

there is a lot of pics but well worth the visit.

I'll keep looking


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This is another shot of the same cross you have already been posted - still not the one I'm thinking of though.....


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Maybe it is about time we shared some information about where we have already looked for this picture so that we can better channel our efforts.
I've now looked at thousands of pics without much success.

BTW - if you're thinking of looking for it Yahoo!'s 'News Photos-NYC.DC attacks' collection of 1000.... don't! It ain't there!

Any psyche's out there who can tell me why I feel so compelled to find this image?
Shamrock: I believe this is the picture you have requested...


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Okay then I've been using Google and for the first time ever I can't find something I'm looking for there.
I've used all the right words ie: wtc pics cross firefighters memorial building structure.......& every filter and combination of words including religious & you name it I tried it.

I'm starting to think I saw the pic in question in a magazine at the place where I get my hair cut.

.......maybe we just dreamed that we saw it :eek:


Have you tried searching using the following terms - the order in which they appear is up to you:

"yet only I the at looked WTC picture not have goddammit"

Geoffrey - welldone, at least we are getting somewhere for dear Shamrock.
One good thing has come out of this: I am learning some good sites for finding pictures, such as ==> CNN, NY Times, British Times, BBC, Newsweek, the "latency" site, and yahoo!
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