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Is there anyway to prevent these ads popping up? I put that address in my restricted zone but they still pop up with a security warning and most of the time it freezes my computer.
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Yes download and install the following program. Then as new popup are created you can add them to their list also.

Pop up killer
On another post this comment was made about popup killer...any that how it works? I mean does it work by letting the ad pop up and then killing it? Instead of blocking it in the first place?
Originally posted by DarkDragon
I do have Pop-up killer ...but it waits untill the pop-up window opens then kills it ... So when i am playing Half-life online... the pop-up crashes the game then gets killed ... I just dont understand why it never did it B4 but after i reformated , Then i get all these problems and anoyences.
Yes it does let them pop up and then kills them. I don't see how it could work otherwise. It has to be downloaded to your pc before it can recognize the pop up.
So, there is still a chance that the pop-up ad will freeze your computer before it is'killed?'
Thanks for your info rkselby98
There is always a possibility of anything when it comes to a computer.

If an ad freezes your computer I would clean the hard drive for it sound like the resources are lower than normal. Also remove any programs from msconfig that you don't need running in the background.

Go to my site and follow the direction for all entries with the 3 red *'s and see if this doesn't help with your freezing problem.
heres another one called popup stopper

Do you use this one, how do you like it if you do. Can you add the popup as new ones are created?

Tell me more, I am to lazy and my back hurts to much to look at the site now. Just one of those days also it might help others also.

Yes I use it sometimes... Im not a gamer so don't go to places often where I have a lot of pop-ups.... however i do surf some webpages that have many & when I find I have a need to open it I do.... it sits on the taskbar next to the clock when in use & has sound effects etc..
its not that big a deal to me as I said before... so I don't use it often. Its especially good to have when children are close to the screen when some of those popups appear.
Good luck w/ it!
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