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I recently subscribed to AT&T DSL. My phone system uses Distinctive Ringing
(ie two phone numbers on one phone line). I use a Command Communictions 5500 (sometime I use a Radio Shack model) Distinctive Ring switch to ring a set of phones for the first phone number or a second set phones for a different phone number. The Distinctive Ring device chooses which set of phones to use depending on which phone number is used.
Now I have just subscribed to DSL (company had not connect it yet) and I am looking for suggestions on how I should set up my phone network to use DSL with a Distinctive Ring phone sytem. Has anyone tryed this and have they had any luck? If so, what make/model filters did they use for DSL and how did the connect their DSL filters & arrange their
network. At this time without DSL my main line goes to the Command Communications Distinctive Ring switch. The phone line branches for each set of phones form the switch.

Also does lighting Triplite surge protector filters interfear with DSL signals. What lighting
protection devices should I add to my line for lighting protection and where should
I place them on the phone network?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this working properly?
thank you,

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put the modem into the phone wiring straight to where
the phone wiring comes into house.

any other phone devices need to be after a dsl filter.

it is easy if you could place a filter for all voice
phone devices in the phone company box or
where they bring into basement or attic. i you
could run a new cable to dsl location from there
then the filter would get placed before it
branches to the current voice circuit. placing
filters into the cable at any branching points
would also work. plugin filter at each phone
device (but not the dsl modem) also would

i don't think the distinct ring would be bothered
by dsl filters the frequencies involved are
not close but check the manual.

any device such as surge protector or ups placed
before dsl modem could affect its performance
to a slight amount. it is better to protect the
modem then to replace it a couple times a
year if you don't have a surge protector
especially during thunderstorm season.

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Distinctive ring has no bearing on DSL service.

Purchase a DSL splitter and install it at the telco service entrance. Run a direct line from the DSL port on the splitter directly to the DSL modem. Connect all of the other phone instruments to the telephone output of the DSL splitter. All of the DSL analog side wiring should be CAT3 or better twisted pair from the telco service entrance to the DSL/ADSL modem. You can use one of the twisted pairs in CAT5 cable if you have that on hand.

This is as good as it gets for DSL installations, and will usually solve in-house wiring issues.
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