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I'm running Windows XP OFFICE From the Control Panel, I am no longer able to make the Add/Remove Programs utility function. I've double-clicked, right-clicked and used Open. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It simply blinks back at me and that's it.

There are some programs that I would like to kill (that I suspect have disabled this program). How do I get it back? My friend and I have spent hours searching the web and tried reinstalling the engine for the add installer program with no success.

It seems this happened when I put in this disc I thought had NERO BURN but had an install program for an HP scanner that seemed to not work. It pops up a window every time I reboot. We did disabled it in the start up folder but no change on the problem.

Can anyone help us out?
We have spent hours on this and searched the web but no help found yet.
Battle Creek, MI
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