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Hi! My burning software, as current, is ImgBurn and Ashampoo Burning Studio 2016!

As I was using ImgBurn before, to burn ISO of Windows 10 Official release - the program failed both with hardware to burn that DVD 5 times in a row! I'm really not sure why, since the size is only 3.5 gigs.

Also... I cannot grant it fixed to burn under speed 2x; ImgBurner was able to do it only on 4x as same as Ashampoo. Setting lower speeds won't do it! Won't do!

Any thoughts on that? What circumstances are here that the burners are unable to setup writing speeds low?

My DVD-RW drive is Optiarc AD7203S.
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Maybe your burner is bad since two programs failed to burn an ISO.

To burn an ISO in Windows 7, I simply right click the ISO and select Burn disc image.
Optiarc is bad?! ...since when?

LiteOn isn't bad too.
Uninstall IMGBurn, reboot, reinstall and test.

Burn issues are typically a burner fault or a media issue. Try a different brand/type of media. Preferably a quality brand such as Verbatim.

I've never had to lower the burn speed to get an error free, complete burn. The main reasons for reducing speed is to compensate for low quality media. If you are using a quality, compatible media, this shouldn't be an issue.

And hardware can fail at any time.
Well, I do hope it's not a fault of hardware, as I like my Optiarc.
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