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active window to large for screen

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Kodak EasyShare Email window is to large for screen. I can't get to the bottom to ok my entries? How do I make this and other EasyShare window smaller?
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I have the same software. Can you see the top edge? If so, hold your cursor on the top line until it turns into a two sided arrow, then hold down the left mouse button and pull down to make it smaller. Do this with each edge until you get the size you want. You can left click and hold on the yellow stripe to drag the entire window up, down etc...

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:( Rugrat...Thanks for the help, but that didn't work. Is there something i can do in Windows display to help?
Hiho- First try this- pull the taskbar down with the edge of mouse arrow till it disappears...relax, you can drag it back up with the mouse, too. You might be able to see the tabs for OK, etc now....using the TAB key on keyboard, press TAB and look for that OK button to get dark around the edge, which is the signal that it will be acted on when either clicked with the mouse or the ENTER key is pressed....try and remember what buttons showed the last time you could see the buttons....what position was the OK one in.....try different number of TAB presses to get to OK and then hit ENTER key to close and okay.
OR: If you can get to an empty spot of your desktop, you should be able to resize the desktop to a higher resolution (size) something like 800x600 is normal. It will want to restart to enter the changes....which should close the other window anyway....try that.
When you get situated- try to leave the screen size at 800x600 with large fonts.... if you use lower, with large fonts, the same thing is apt to happen with a lot of windows- been there myself.... some games also change the resolution and do not reset it to what you had.
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