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Situation: :)

Relatively new HP Laptop HP ZD7188 cl 3.2GHz 17" Screen
Came with XP Home

Under XP Home, Battery Status - Charge level applet worked well - including AC ICON in task bar toggled when Power Supply disconnected ALL GOOD!

Upgraded to XP Pro - Lost Battery Status applet - Task bar Icon always indicates running AC even with charger disconnected.
Tried several third party Battery monitoring programs - they indicate no battery present.

Talked to HP support 3 times with no result - :down:

Checked the following - Control Panel - Power - No mention of ACPI only APM -tried disabling APM no difference-

Checked Bios was ver F.01 (remember Battery Status was originally working with this Bios - No mention of any power settings found in Bios (Used F10 to gain access to Bios) If another more advanced area of BIOS exists I can't find it!

Loaded newest Bios from HP Web site - Flashed - to version F.05 - No difference - very few settings in Bios and none related to Power - looks the same as ver F.01

Checked in Device Manager many times under system and found no entries for ACPI

Checked under Administrative tools - Services to see if any power mgt or ACPI entries running or shutdown and found no reference to ACPI.

HP said they will mail out a driver disk but they have no idea what if any software exists on the CD to help get my battery status back.

I'm out of idea's - Some one must have been down this road before? I look forward to any help.


RENisME [email protected]
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