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Acer Aspire ES 15 Flickering Screen/Lines

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Not sure if I'm posting in the correct place.

I'm sure this has been 'fixed' before, as I've read a lot of threads on this however none have worked for me.

Most of the cases in other threads the laptop has been 'a few years old' and the people in question don't seem entirely tech savvy, which isn't the case for me.

I have had this laptop for a whole 3 or 4 days and since opening it, it has been flickering frequently enough on a daily basis for me to realise something is wrong, but not enough that it is annoying. That is until today.

I've noticed that the flickering happens more often when Youtube is open, needless to say that closing it doesn't stop the flickering it simply slows down the rate from once every few minutes to once every few hours. Sometimes on pages that are heavily laden with graphics, lines will appear across the screen and it wont necessarily flicker to black as it usually does.

Just to prove this to myself, I opened a youtube video to see if anything had actually changed and I wasn't being paranoid, well the second I opened it the screen flickered to black with a white line through it. The video itself flickers with lines, rather than the space around it and the screen itself flickers black in bursts. It's closer to a 'blink' rather than a flicker, it is about half a second long.

There are only two programs on this laptop that weren't pre-packaged and that is Skype and Google Chrome. I'll list some relevant information which may assist in helping me.

PROCESSOR: AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 1.80GHz
RAM: 6.00GB
EDITION: WIN 10 home edition
Screen is a generic PnP and the browser I use is Google Chrome (just in case it's because of my browser.)

Like I've said, this laptop is brand new and I honestly don't have much of an idea about why this is happening besides a broken cable.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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I would uninstall Chrome and Skype then see if the same problems remain. If not then it's the software but if they remain I would get it replaced or get a refund as it seems to be faulty.

EDIT : I'm surprised it's showing as a PNP Monitor, might be worth updating the Graphics driver with the latest from Acer.
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Just realised showing as a PNP monitor could be ok but trying the latest driver from Acer might still help.
Just realised showing as a PNP monitor could be ok but trying the latest driver from Acer might still help.
Hey there, I've done everything you said and it still seems to be screwing around.
Interesting development, though. It seems to mainly do it whenever I'm processing something quite graphically intensive, for example if I'm watching a video + downloading or if it's loading really high res images.
Pretty sure it's just a bad screen at this point and I'll just ask for a repair/replacement.
Yes I agree, it's obviously not working properly so take it back.
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