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accessing secondary drive

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XP Pro
Please help I have a 40gb slave and 80gb master as far as I know they have been formatted and things like that but could anyone explain to me in the simplest terms how to access and use the slave, my prowess in the realms of pc is logging on and logging off
Thank you so much
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active95 said:
malshaz said:
XP Pro1o to access the second hard drive is to open Windows Explorer. Basically click the start button , choose RUN , in the RUN box , type
then click OK. New window will came up and in the left panel will see a plus sign next to MY COMPUTER. Click once on the plus sign next to My Computer and will be able to see it and access it.
Or can double click on the " MY COMPUTER" icon ( should have a shortcut on the desktop ) and will see the secondary hdd ( usualy labled D )
Thank you so much Active 95 if I may impinge just a little more,how do I dump things in the secondary (F) drive I do not seem to have that option when right clicking items or files to store
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