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Hey there.
I've got a database, in which there is VB module named "taz", in which there is a function named checktaz(), which returns true or false, depending on the string you send to it.
And i've got his table's field's validation rule (can't spell that sorry), and i want the validation rule to send the entered string to the function, and the function to return true or false, (and the validation rule works once it gets a true or false value).

how do i send the string to the function from the validation rule?

with many many thanks, dor.

p.s - sorry for all the misspellings...
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sounds good, but where do i set the on click event?

I meant in tables... not forms...
In access, in the design of a field in a table you have a validation rule, you need to input an expression (like >=50.... if you don't want the user to input more than 50)....
now you can also send the string/integer to a function in a module which is on the same database... now how do i do that?
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