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So here comes my long mail, and I am really distressed because of the strange behaviour of my OS - WinXP SP2
The current status is that I am not able to install or deinstall anything from my PC. Whenever I try to install anything, the installation passes till copying of the files in the folders but as soon as it tries to write or remove anything from the registry it halts and throws an exception.
First I thought it might be a problem of my access rights, (although my profile has computer Admin rights ) . But still I went into the safe mode and gave myself all the rights ( kind of reduntant ). It still dint work.
Then I again logged into the safe mode as Administrator and tried to install a program ( Windows Installer or any other legitimate program ) but it again threw the same error.
Unable to update registry key HKCR : Access is denied. I dont think anyone has the higher rights than a safe mode windows Administrator.
Well , I think that there is something nasty sitting on my registries. CAn anyone help me ?
Has anyone got a clue what is hapenning ? I am really not keen on doing a reinstall.
I have already done the following :
sfc /scannow
XP Repair Reinstall
full system scan - Avira AntiVir
HijackThis Scan
I cant install a new spyware because of the above problem. But I can ofcourse try to clean from a seperate OS. I installed INSERT ( mini Linux ) and ran "avscan" on OS drive and still nothing.
Has anyone got a clue please ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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