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What should I do?

  • Confess and apologies for getting ideas from his website?

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  • Or find a way to fix this mess lol

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a situation involving IP addresses, requires expert advice.

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Well I have a situation which requires advanced knowledge above my understanding. I am a website developer, well an amateur website developer who helped a friend out in need. My friend wanted to open up a website for his business. He shopped around asking quotes but he was quoted extremely high prices in the UK. He came to me for help and asked what should he do. Now what he wanted for a website was a little beyond my understanding. But his birthday was also coming up. I suggested an idea to him saying hey why does he not outsource the job internationally to see if it can be done cheaper. He agreed and left it in my hands. I instead off outsourcing took it upon myself to build the website myself. With the help of a guru which I'm good friends with. The content of the website I paraphrased from competitors. I surprised him with a basic website (kind of shoddy) but it did the job perfectly. He was happy. However he recently had been approached by a competitor which operates a store not so far from his saying to him that he copied the content on his webiste. I'm not going to lie I did look at the website for ideas but it was paraphrased. My friend told the competitor who was very threatening that he had the job outsourced in a different country. Now this man is abit of hot headed character and he said he will get his friend some tech geek to find out where the webiste was made by using some IP address magical method. I did not know this was possible. The man said if it turns out the webiste was made here he's in big trouble. Now I wasnted to ask is it possible for someone to trace the origins of a website and determine where it was made? Or is this not possible and he was making stuff up? Also if it possible I'm a tiny 5ft4 defensless man who need to hide the fact I made it hahah. So is this at all possible?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards

A social dysfunctional individual who spends far to much time playing computer games

Thank you
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It is possible to find out certain details of a site, using "Whois" - link here - but this won't necessarily show the designer, unless he/she is the registrant ...
Check out Whois and see if you're mentioned ...
AFAIK this is all the information that can be gleaned ...
This is not something with which we want to get involved. Some general advice ...

If you feel physically threatened consult with the proper (local) authorities.

If you are sued, consult with a good copyright defense attorney.

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