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A little issue with your info gathering utility

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I like your little info gathering utility. It prevents me from having to cajole reticent posters into releasing the system info that's necessary for helping them with their problems. It also obviates the need to write scripts or use more cumbersome apps that give more info than is really needed for an initial system assessment.

However, I began to notice that for many users it said that the anti-virus program was Spybot Search and Destroy and that it was disabled. This is not fault of the application per se but that Spybot tends to leave remnants of itself all over a system when uninstalled. The application was reading the old Spybot information. After some searching, I found the method to remove this erroneous listing.

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As you said, it's not the fault of the utility so really when this happens it's up to the person helping to show them how to clean the unwanted entries in the WBEM.

By the way, the new owners have nothing to do with the TSGSysInfo Utility. The previous owner, Mike (TechGuy) and a programmer wrote it.
It is perhaps worth mentioning that it also on occasions shows Windows Defender (now called Microsoft Defender)
as disabled, when enquiry will show it is not.
Yes, that is a bug that we were never able to pinpoint the cause of as it was pretty random.
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