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A Hidden Administrator takes video of my DAUGHTERS HELP PLZ

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I will try to make the first part of this post short in hopes that I can get some help from someone asap, I don't know where to turn anymore. I am a former Military 35 y/o single mother with 2 daughters and I just began to educate myself about computer and information technology a few months ago. During this time, I found out that a hidden administrator had taken administrative control of my family's device's. I have tried to get help from the local law enforcement as well as local self called IT pros but I have not had any luck at all. I have educated myself enough to at least figure out the magnitude of the power that someone else currently has over my family's technology, but the person is able to change the methods frequently and they are so much more experienced than I am with computers. I am embarrassed, angry, shocked, appalled, but more than anything I am so upset.
As of right now, I am not comfortable in any area of my house or even when I drive and I hope that someone here will believe in me. What I mean by that is I hope someone takes the time to read my post and understands that I am an honest person and everything that I am explaining is the truth, even though I know it sounds very hard to believe. I am a good mother and all I want to do is protect my family, but I do not know how. Here goes, my prayers and the expertise and kindness of this forum is really the only way that I can reach out for help anymore.
A hidden administrator is able to log in from a remote device into my computer, that was the first step. From there, my daughters and I began to have problems with our cell phones and other electronic devices as well. It was the same kind of warning signs, devices coming on and off, very warm external temp. of the devices, unexplained apps being found or old ones not working, loss of power quickly, etc. Our 3 cell phones now are working horribly. Every month we go over our data, yet we are unable to use the internet or any applications. My youngest daughter is unable to text me now for some reason as well. You name it, it is happening. Worst of all, I found activity logs on 2 of our computers and while I did not know all of what I read, I did see the times that video was scheduled to be taken and I saw the camera program, it was somehow following my eyes or my head as I moved..very scary. I have taken cell phone pictures and videos, many many pictures actually, so I know what has been going on. However, even though I follow my written instructions of how to again find these programs, logs, tasks, etc. I can't usually find them and my computer just looks a lot different internally. (sorry for lack of better explanation.) I am so scared now after I spoke with my vehicle's manufacturer/technology company. They asked me if everything worked out easily for me last week, which I had no idea what they were referring to. When I questioned what it was, they stated that they had opened the car door for me when I locked the keys in the car in the parking lot last week. I never called them and I was unaware of any of this. My car was parked at night outside of the grocery store on the evening I was told this happened. This is all a lot for me to deal with, and I can't figure this all out. I have already bought a new computer and used my warranty for our phones, but the same issues occurred in the new devices almost immediately. I don't know what I can do, except say please someone help me.
I know that I sound crazy, and this sounds even crazier. I truly wish it was just me, but I have seen the evidence. Also, I have read all about a lot of these issues during my research into it. I can't even change settings or factory reset anything, I don't have any admin control anymore. The phone company has tried to help me over the phone, and a little at the store, but many of the employees I speak so it is impossible to happen. I'm scared now. We stay at my mothers on many nights, but the commute is very long and it is not fair to my girls. Please, I will be checking this all weekend for anyone who may respond. Thank you all in advance for everything. Please forgive my grammar and spelling in this writing, I am trying to fly through it.
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Sorry but this type of situation is beyond the scope of the assistance that we provide here therefore we don't get involved in such issues. If law enforcement and hands-on computer tech people can't help then there's certainly nothing we can do other than suggesting you reformat and reinstall all PCs/laptops and reset all devices and then change all passwords.

We sympathize with your plight but of course cannot verify the actual situation and we wish you all the best.

Closing thread.
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