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1. Can't export from O2002 to OExpress (shows it works fine, but nothing actually is exported/imported). Win2k Pro machine.

2. Receiving duplicates of messages (copies) on more than one network/more than one PC. Win 98/2K.

3. We get random "The connection to the sever was interrupted" messages on different aliases.

1. New install from fdisked HD of Win2K of Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express (5.50.4522)

Can't seem to import from OE into O2002. All seems to go fine, but no files show up. Haven't yet sent
emails, just created and copied into different folders.

3. We get random "The connection to the sever was interrupted" messages on different aliases (all connecting
with the same Logon Information/Same User name and password). See below for exact message.

Plus, we get multiple copies of the same message, anywhere from 2-4 copies of the message. Some messages
(few) we only get once.

We are running Windows 2000Pro SP2 and Office XP.

This does not happen on another machine With Office 2000 connecting to the same account/password running
Windows 2000Pro SP2 and Office 2000.

Here is the exact error message:
Task 'Employee - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server
was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider

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Hiya and welcome

For the first question, have you gone via the Wizard?

When you export Outlook information, you save it in a different format so that it can be understood and opened by different programs. For example, you may export your Contact list to an Excel Worksheet, or comma separated values (see the Microsoft link below)

Select File | Import and Export

Select the Export to a File option and then Next. The export to a file dialogue box appears. This is where you tell Outlook the type of file that you want to export to.

Select the desired file type and Next.

Select the folder you wish to export. Next. Then, in the final window, specify the name and location of the exported file.

Now, to import into OE 5.5

Now, for the second question, you may have a corrupt POP3UIDL.DBX file. Close Outlook Express and delete the file. It will be recreated when you next startup OE.

For the third:

This is all I could find on that errro number, 0x800CCC0F.;EN-US;q289945

What you could also have a look at, is your POP and SMTP addresses. Are they what they should be?


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