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A Disk Read Error has occurred...?

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Hello again,
My computer was working well up until yesterday, when I accidently knocked the plug for the surge protector out of the wall. The computer was running at the time, so it restarted. The POST was going alright, everything was being detected, until it tried to boot from the hard drive. It recognized that there was a boot image on the drive and everything, but it said,

"A disk read error has occurred
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

I tried restarting, but the same thing popped up. The drive was working fine up until this point, no errors or anything. I tried reseating the memory, and it still happened. The hard drive is a Maxtor 200 gig hard drive which was just purchased in June, so I kind of hope that it isn't shorted out or anything.
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yeah, i'll try that.

i won't lose anything during a repair installation, wiil i?
ok, i'll keep that in mind.

i hope i haven't lost anything from my hard disk, because i have a lot of software saved on there and everything.:(

i have the ultimate boot cd 4 windows, so is there any way that i could use that to my advantage?

ok thanks.

i tried to do a repair install of xp, and it got through it, but when i had to restart it came up with the same "Disk read error" message.

i'm running chkdsk on it now
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