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A couple general questions

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I had to go with a really bad internet company because it is the only one that gives service to my apartment building and the cable broadband is horrible, I am wondering if I use a different modem than the one given to me will it speed up the connection or does that not matter, and is there anything else I can do to speed things up?

Second, there are alot of people in my building using wi-fi with no password needed to connect to it so i am wondering if I connect to there wi-fi is it just as fast as cable broadband and what do I have to do to connect my pc to there wi-fi?
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Using a different modem will make a difference only if there is a problem with the modem. How is the service supplied? Are you getting a separate cable feed the same way as if you were in a single family house? Or is there one feed to the apartment bulding and all the renters are sharing that through a router or coax cables/splitters? If the latter, there's not much you can do. If the former, the service should be decent; what is the advertised bandwidth?

To use somebody else's unsecured (or secured) wireless network for internet access, which is illegal, you have to be willing to steal. Since forum rules forbid asking or offering help for illegal activities, I've already said enough.
There is a seperate cable feed. It does not even advertise bandwith and they dont even have a website to explain there services (this is the worst cable company ever) The name of the co. is northern ohio broadband. Everyone in the building has problems with there service and calling there customer service is a joke.

Yikes, sorry about the Wi-Fi question, I didnt realize it was illegal, I never looked into anything with that before. Sorry
Most cable companies bind to the MAC address of the modem, so you will most likely have to call them to give them the MAC of the new modem before it will work.
I assume DSL is not available where you are? My cable company, which is Comcast, is not much better than yours. My speed has been tested to be in the 2.5% percentile for its customers. That's pretty low. I would do the DSL thing but it's not available where I live.
Sorry for my bad assumption "the service should be decent." I read some of the other reviews I found on that company and they are very much in agreement with what you said.

Realize that those people with Wi-Fi are probably getting their service from the same company, unless they have DSL or Satellite.

Probably best to pursue brokenhead's implied advice--see what else might be available, and how current customers view it.
unfortunatly I cant get anything else here so I'll just have to deal with it :(
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