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8.5 gb dvd not recognized by laptop

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I am trying to burn some school files on an 8.5 gb dvd so i can have everything on one disc.

The problem is that my laptop running on vista is not recognizing the disc(Aone Plus 8.5 GB). The writer is Pioneer DVR-TD10RS 8X Sata DVD Writer.

And by the way it recognizes every dvd and cd that it insert just not the 8.5 gb.

thanks for your time
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Try a different brand of DVD. TDK, Sony, Maxell, Ridata, Taiyo Yuden, etc. Aone brand is not good quality.
That's a dual-layer disk, and you don't seem to have a dual-layer player or burner. A flash drive would be faster, easier, and far more reliable.
I checked on the manual of the burner and it can use dual layer.i'll try buying different brand.Thanks both .
You've spent more on dual-layer disks than you would have on a flash drive.

Scrap the burning disk scenario. Get a flash drive.
I do have a flash drive,actually two of them.but i prefer dvd's that's all.

If a dual layer dvd doesnt work no matter what brand you try just split the files and put them on more than one dvd then at least you know they will be safe for future reference if needed.
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