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Major problem.
I have two drives "C" and "D" and use "D" primarily to examine new software
"C" is my default drive and has 50 programs and 26GB of data, and works normally.

I decided to install 64 bit XPpro on "D" which, in itself, was no problem and was able to update security etc from Microsoft.

But on a re-boot the default drive was now "D". So effected modififications in System/Advanced/Settings to try to get "C" as default. Now on a re-boot both drives were shown as default and I could not get the 64bit XPpro to give up its desire to be the default drive. The boot-up process then failed for both drives!

Does anyone know how,what,why please?

I have now removed the 64 bit version, wiped the "D" drive, and was able to recover my "C" drive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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