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512MB ram, but only shows 128MB...

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Hi ya, everyone,

Installed: 2) 256MB cards in 98' pc, (512MB total) but machine only shows 128 in system properties... The cards are both new, & I have installed ram many times before. Tried "swapping" and "one at a time", but never shows the right amount of ram. Old card was only 32MB, & shows correctly. What the heck?:confused:
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Maybe your motherboard only supports a max of 128MB. Check your motherboard manual (if you still have it) or give us your motherboard model number, and we can check it out for you.
Thanks for reply,

Pc is at freind's. I'll get it later. Maybe that is also why he couldn't get 60gb hard-drive to be recognized? (to big for old mo-bo & bios)
I suspect that your MB has a limited number of address lines, if you have two less address lines, it'll only see the modules as 64mb modules. Yes, a BIOS prior to late 1999 can only normally see a 32gig drive, any more and it either ignores it or hangs the computer during IDE drive detection.
Yes, I would agree. Try upgrading your BIOS, but be careful, it's not a simple procedure and it can be tricky.
If you try the sticks one at a time you'l likely see each is being recognised as 64Mb each - this i've come across quite frequently and its as Johnwill mentioned. The motherboard may not have a 128MB limit but the density of the RAM you are using is not compatible.

Regarding the Drive, again, prior to 1999 32GB was the limit.

Some of these issues can be resolved with a BIOS update so don't totally give up yet.
The hard drive problem can also be addressed by installing the software overlay from the manufacturer...and although, some won't agree with me, I'd use that before trying a bios flash ;)
AcaCandy, the problem I have with a drive overlay isn't the normal operation, it's the problem if you ever have to take that machine somewhere else to recover data from it. :rolleyes:
Nor does it work if the BIOS completely fails to detect the drive at all.
All you need to do is tentatively add the overlay to the other machine's drive. It's actually quite easy, I've had to do ;)

I knew you'd reply :D
Originally posted by Triple6:
Nor does it work if the BIOS completely fails to detect the drive at all.
Correct, but usually all you have to do is manually enter the heads/cylinders to make it appear smaller ;)
Yes, I know a little bit about the cylinder adjusting deal... I glanced at the info on Maxtor's site.

I will update the bios, if I can find an update, the next time I'm at my freinds house. I've done that before. If that fails, I'll look into the cylinder adjustment.
If that fails, you may ruin the motherboard ;) Be careful, make a backup of the old bios if you can..........
We'll be fine with the update, but thanks for the concern AcaCandy...In the mean time, how's the Affero thing going for ya'?
help me first...
I gave you some of the best advice available.......if the bios flash readme file doesn't address your EXACT problem, I wouldn't suggest doing it :p
uhhh,... so what's that cost,.... $50?
Sorry for teasing ya' Aca,...

Actually, everyone, this girl knows her stuff. I've watched her help many people here...
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