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4-12-04 Adaware reference file update available

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A new reference file (01R288 12.04.2004) is now available.

Here is a breakdown explaining what is included:

Updated Items
CoolWebSearch (2 variants)
Roings (2 variants)

After updating, the detail-screen shows the following information:

Reference Number : 01R288 12.04.2004
Internal build : 218
Total size : 1025757 Bytes
Signature data size : 1008127 Bytes
Reference data size : 17566 Bytes
Signatures total : 22699
Target categories : 10
Target families : 442

Thanks to everybody who submitted us files for evaluation!

The Lavasoft Research & Development Team

Additional Information
You can use Webupdate to install the new reference file,
or download it manually from here. And remember,
if you think something needs to be sent to us for
review, visit our submission site at

Want reference file update notifications sent to your
email address? Sign up for our free Reference File Notification
service at
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flrman1 said:
:up: The new baddies are coming fast and furious too! :mad:
Don't you believe it Mark

I have submitted about 20 different new ones to KAV/TDS/ adaware & spybot this weekend and have several others that are being investigated.

some of these are very devious baddies and every time you turn around another new one pops up
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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