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320gb External HDD Question !!!

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Hi all,


I have just bought a 320gb Iomega External HDD, which I am going to use as a second drive to store MP3s, Movies and Photos. I am running Windows XP (SP2), on a DELL Dimension 1100 (about 7months old).

Question 1:
It only shows 298gb when switched on. I am aware that some motherboards do not show anything more than a "certain size", but I thought that being as my PC is new, it should show the full amount, or somewhere close. Also, nothing has been installed on it and it isn't running an operating system or anything.

Question 2:
Do I need to / would it be advisable to partition this drive, even though it isn't a fixed drive. If so, how would I go about doing this. I have looked into Device manager, but this does not show the new drive.

Any help would be great.
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320,000,000,000 / 1,073,741,824 = 298.02 real gigabytes.

Disk Manufacturer gigabytes vs. real gigabytes. :D
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