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3070ti with x470 prime pro build

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I'm having a weird issue when installing my new 3070ti founders.
I'm using a x470 prime pro (with latest bios) and a XFX 850 power supply.
With my old GTX 970 everything works great.
If I plug in the 3070ti this will happen:
  • it might boot into windows but after a couple of mins the PC will reboot (and might even not turn back on and stays on a black screen, after a while, it will boot back on)
What did I check:
  • Latest bios.
  • PSU looks fine and works great with the same exact 2 cables on 970, and with 3070ti it will reboot on idle, I don't think it's a wattage problem, 850W is fine.
  • Temps look fine
  • The 3070ti on another build have no issue whatsoever.
  • Same build with 970 have 0 issues.
I'm lost, do you guys have any advice?
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If you run the system with the 970, what are your voltages; specifically the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails?
You did not post the exact motherboard however I am assuming it is an asus prime pro. Go to the support page and download/install the asus suite. Note the suite has a lot of programs and the only one you need for this test is dual intelligent processors. You can install any others you want however that is the only one you need right now. Here is a link to the support page for what I think is your board;
PRIME X470-PRO|Motherboards|ASUS USA
Post screenshots of DIP showing the data. Do this twice. Once under a normal load and again while running a stress test. Use prime95 or realbench for the stress test. Let the stress test run for at least two min to stabilize temps/voltages.
Thanks, i'll try.

I don't think i will be able to, because with 3070 screen goes black minutes after windows loads
No, you need to run the tests with the working video card installed.
Ok, will post results, thanks
1. Welcome to the site

2. Which CPU please

3. Confirm MB is
PRIME X470-PRO|Motherboards|ASUS Global

4. You refer to using the same two power cables to the 3070 as to the 970
PSU looks fine and works great with the same exact 2 cables on 970
2x PCIe 8-pin
(adapter to 1x 12-pin included)
and can draw 290 watts -

HOWEVER I thought the 970 used
2x 6-pins
not two by 8 pin

I see that another member has posted
My other suggestion is
have you updated or checked to see you have latest chipset driver
that is an imporant consideration.

How did you install the driver for the 3070 please and I presume you uninstalled the 970 driver first before installing the 3070 driver

7. There are reports of it being caused by Asus software which we can explore later after you have addressed the matters already covered

8. What is the Operating system please
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Just a quick thought. Your 3070 does not have a pw plug that looks like this does it?


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I think it is 12 pin and comes with an adapter
I believe it has 12 pins and a plug adaptor. Check it bro. I am saying this on the behalf of my experience.
I think it is 12 pin and comes with an adapter
If it is a 12pin with the lower 4pins as in the pic, that is a BIG reason why it does not work. That new type of plug is designed for use with a smart pw supply ie atx 3.0. What it does is inform the card what type of pw supply is in use AND the card will limit it's use of pw accordingly. I have seen some of those adapters that use three pw connectors and some use four.

Only some of the 3xxx series cards have that plug and [AFAIK] all of the 4xxx series cards will come with a smart plug.
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