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3 different IP's

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When I click on LAN properties for my DSL I get an IP.

Which is different than when I send mail with my Yahoo account and the e-mail shows the source. It doesn't matter whether I use dial up or DSL.

I also get a different IP address when I go on my website and it logs the IP.

So I have 3 different IP's and thought I had one. Which one is actually considered my IP, all three?

I have an IP # from Norton from a hacker attempt. I think it might be an ex-boyfriend. The IP doesn't match but apparently there are different IP numbers. Now I am all confused and would like to figure it out. All I have is a Yahoo IP which I don't think is the same.....
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Open a Dos command window and type in "ipconfig/all" without the quotes. It will tell you your IP.

If you don't know how then click on Start > Run and type "command" again without quotes in the small window that opens then click ok. You should see a black DoS window open. Now just type "ipconfig/all' hit enter and presto, you have your address.
Of course if you check it again tomorrow - it could well have changed;)
So the IP in Yahoo or what's logged on my website is not my IP, so would not be his either. My IP # is shown in the LAN properties.

The hacker attempt is IP according to Norton. This doesn't look like an IP address to me. And if it were could I find out more than just the general location, dial-up, cable or DSL. I know a lot of people with Internet in Tampa Bay! Any way I could find out more?
If you're only getting one "hacker attempt" alert from your firewall, you're in great shape. Before I got a router, my software firewall was getting hammered constantly from all the port sniffers running out there.

You can use any of the online DNS lookup tools (do a Google search for "DNS lookup tool") to identify that DNS.

Even if you do track it down, there's not much anybody will, or can do. Probing around on the net for vulnerable computers isn't, as far as I know, illegal.
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