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3 browsers?

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I use Chrome as my main browser, and have Edge cuz it came with Win10. I want to try Firefox. Is this feasible? Is 3 browsers gonna do any harm?
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You can have as many browsers you like
I have at least 3 browsers on computers. I have 4 on the one I'm currently typing this message on. This helps me if I have a problem with a website. I fire up another browser or perhaps 2 to see if the site works.
I have 4,edge,firefox and opera.
I use Internet Explorer (current version is 11.0.200) and Mozilla Firefox (current version is 78.0.2) in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

I very much dislike Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, so I doubt I will use either of them in the future.

As you can see from the replies so far, every one has their own browser preferences.

Not only is it OK to have multiple browsers installed, but you can run them, independently and simultaneously, in separate windows without harm.

For instance, a website may not display some media content, or proper formatting in one browser, but will in another.

Browsers will ask you upon install or first use if you want IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or what ever - to be set as your default browser.
Say yes to the one you prefer.
You can change that at any time via the options/settings menus in any browser.
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