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240hz monitor

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Today my new 240hz monitor came.
I set it up with a HDMI cable. I get 144hz.
144hz is good to play but I still want to try 240hz.
(my computer, asus rog g20aj, has no displayport port in the back of it)

The monitor supports DP 1.2, My PC doesn't have a DP slot in the back
(it should have but idk why it doesn't, everybody elses seems to have)

My question is ..

can I buy one of those startech active HDMI2DP adapters, run a HDMI lead from my PC into the adapter, and then into the monitors displayport slot, and get 240hz from that.
is this possible plz

my computer is intel i7-4790 Nvidia Geforce GTX 780ti
also, when googling any Asus Rog G20AJ PC I see computers with like 3 or 4 displayports slots on them, mine has 3 HDMI slots on the back and 0 DP, whats happened here? The model is definatley g20aj
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Hi gowcameron, and welcome to TSG.

Have you confirmed that the video controller in your computer can support a 240 Hz refresh rate at your desired resolution through the HDMI output port? If it can't handle it, then any kind of basic HDMI to DP converter won't help you get a true 240 Hz picture refresh rate.
Yes it supports 240hz

All of the cards support up to a 240Hz max refresh rate, 2048×1536 resolutions on analog and 4096×2160 on digital.

The option when going into my nvidia graphics just shows 144hz on a few of the resolutions but none show 240hz, when i go into 'List all modes' in the advanced display propertirs that also shows a few ranging from 30hz going up to only 144hz, cant see 240hz option in any of my graphics settings.

After i buy the active hdmi2dp adapter, would any 240hz options become available?

1920 x 1080 or 1440 x 1080 is my desired 240hz resolution is that possible?
Standard ports of the 780ti show one display port. You probably have an oem type card so whatever specs you are finding may or may not be correct. You would need to contact asus as to what options/displays are available. Here is the spec sheet for a standard gtx 780ti;
As you can see, standard lists a display port. Since you do not have one, you do not have a standard card; you have an oem type which is made to the mfg's specs and NOT industry standard specs.
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