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160mm lvds to Laptop Screen port

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First off hello Tech Guy forums and thank you for overlooking this issue.

What I would like to know if possible,
Is there any way to connect the following;
(736000-001) cable to (156b6-l0b rev c3)
The cable that would connect to the screen port is too big.

I have placed my all in one into a hp 2000 laptop frame and I didn't know I would run into lvds problems (not the same connector). Hp 19 2113w to HP 2000-2c29NR frame


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Are you trying to use the laptop screen with the AIO board ?
Yes sir. Even if I have to get a different lvds cable that would still fit the hp 19 to the laptop screen
Not sure if a cable to do that exists.
Face Palm! Won't givE up!

What about these universe ones?
Does one think one of these will do me justice?

I was watching a tutorial on YouTube where a guy had an adapter that connected the laptop screen lvds cable to the all in one.
I can't furthermore backtrack to this video as I seriously forgot to turn YouTube history on(it's off).

Also I know that that cable for the hp19 is for touch but I don't need touch. If I can't get this to work then I'll just store the thing again for years. I hoard pc components, broken laptops, boards, Gcards, Etc. I rarely like to buy new parts or hardware cause I have a whole storage house full of components. I just scrap remake and minor upgrade. So if I have to I'll postpone this for another time(cries deeply). Just my first attempt at a project like this one as I just learned how to change screens/replace after years of just dumping them into storage as I'd think these things were useless.
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Sorry for the double post!(I know this action in older forums back in the day was considered a bad move).

If I need to I can shell out(don't want to) the proper screen for it but I'd like for it to go-to the laptop. Afterword's I'll figure something out for the battery but, for now I'd like to power this thing via ac adapter.
I don't get where your going with that reply.
Looks like Marshad110 is spamming!
Well we can safely overlook the post and move forward!
Getting my soldering/resoldering kit today to further my tech knowledge as I have allot of things to level my experience up.
What's funny is that the N156B6-L0B you posted in your 3rd picture is, supposedly a 40 pin lvds panel so it should have fit: (page 12)
And, converting one lvds pinout to another is not a trivial task! (and I started doing this in 1976).
It would have been cheaper to just buy the correct panel for the all-in-one unless you don't even know if the rest of it works.
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Yes indeed the lvds cable fits the board (it was made for that slot) but, not to the laptop screen lvds port, it's to wide for it.
The laptop port is the one that has the webcam an such. I just wanted to bypass it and connect the hp19 lvds to the laptop. Also it works fantastic except for the umm broken screen. Just didn't want the thing to go-to waste. Also I'd use it with a HDMI or regular vga adapter but, there's none of those connections available. So I get techy and start guting hardware's to see what I can come out with.
Also I am manual book reading illiterate . I only know how to follow hands on guides. Anything dealing with reading such as that page 12 just discourages me.
I've been a hands on type of person, watch and learn or fail while learning in the process.
And for this I'm sorry. Like when I fix cars I need to visually watch then do. Never read it bring a headache as I seriously am behind on that part!
I wish you luck in your projects. :)
The N156B6-LOB is a 15.6 inch LCD from some laptop and what I said was that it already had a 40 pin LVDS socket. What that must mean is that the original 19 inch LCD had a different pin spacing which is consistent with what I have seen in the past. What is the HP or original part number on the display that was in the HP 19?
Here we are!
I could buy the screen but that's no fun!
As I live to take these things apart if I'm not doing my other hobbies.

After this if it can or can't be done. I have another project to post on here. Hardware working has a huge learning curve I've to master before I die. Ijs


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You said you hate to read; but, the only way you will ever get what you want to work is to get the manual for both displays and create a custom (engineered) replacement for the cable.
I already posted a link to the manual for the N156B6. Find the manual for the Pegatron number in your last pic and you'll be able to get started.
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Hey my good sir! Even though I say I hate it I will "Do It"
Thank you for your information.
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