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W2KPro + SP4, Wintel P-4 2.4G system, 1G RAM, dual mirror RAID 36G Raptors C data, old E data, F OS partition; LiteOn 1633S DVD R+W, Avast 4.0, AdAware 6.0.

WinStar, a 16 bit program, suddenly won't run; click on icon, nothing happens. Tech Support sent new autoexec.nt, no help. Audio CD's stopped auto-playing on insertion, now must select from Media Player. Start/Run "command" shows very brief screen before failing. Right clicking on program shortcut, and choosing Properties/Compatibility, run in Compatibility mode does not work.

Went to W2K troubleshooting page. The autoexec.nt files contain all the command lines that are listed in the article. The first thing the software tech support had me do was check the autoexec.nt file. I have 3 partitions: C is the RAID data drive. E is an older data drive. F is the OS drive partition. Search shows autoexec.nt in 5 folders:

F:\ WINNT|repair
F:\WINNT\System 32

Autoexec.bat search shows 2 folders:

E:\ Clicking on this one opens a window that closes very rapidly.
E:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD Clicking on this second opens a window that shows code lines--that rapidly closes (like the Start/Run/command)...but it doesn't close quite so rapidly. I was able to do Control/C to freeze it. Here's what the lines say:


Preparing to start your computer.
This may take a few minutes. Please wait...

^CThe device is not ready.
Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

The system cannot find the drive specified. (4 lines with this same statement)
The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive U.
Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

Run/U:\ returns error msg: "U:\ is not accessible; this folder was moved or removed." Thanks for help.
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