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  1. Hardware
    Hello! I have recently been given a very large 4k monitor. It’s a seiki pro sm40unp. There’s no way I could afford a 4k monitor right now, and even if it’s old I’m very happy. However, there’s one problem. Its only hdmi connection is hdmi1.4. (It has DisplayPort 1.2, dvi-d, and usb...
  2. Hardware
    I know y'all probably get this a lot, but my HDD stopped working recently, and it is supposed to have around 2TB of storage on it, and I have not been able to make it work. I use it as an external storage device for my Xbox One S, the P/N for the device is WDBCRM0020BBK, it is a WD My Passport...
  3. Games
    Some Background: My friends and I got Ark: Survival Evolved for Xbox One a while ago. We tried playing the public servers, but all the good places for a home are taken by people with huge fortresses and we don't wanna worry about strangers messing up our stuff anyway. So we started our private...
1-3 of 3 Results