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  1. Hardware
    I'm about to start with my career in the writing field. I will have a lot of typing and research work. Need some advice on what configuration I should prefer in the laptop. My budget is $1500. I have shortlisted few options you can give your opinion on it, also please suggest if you find some...
  2. Business Applications
    I highlighted some text in my Writer document and saved the document. I now think the highlighting is too dark. I have tried to change the highlighting to a lighter color several times and it would change. I then saved it and closed it. I've gone through this process several times, but every...
  3. Multimedia
    When I try to burn a disc with imgburn, it gives me an error saying "Failed to write sectors: Power Calibration Area Error." I have tried 2 different CD-R, a CD-RW, a DVD-R, and a DVD+R DL discs and they all give the same result. When I try to put in a DVD, it just acts like its trying to read...
1-3 of 3 Results