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  1. Windows 10
    I went to use my laptop yesterday and when I opened it, it said fixing (c: ) stage 2 - which was stuck with no progress for hours, then it tried automatic repair, but was unable to repair it. Gave me options to reset it, use hp support help or cmd.. I used the hp support assist to open cmd, I...
  2. Windows 10
    Need help resetting laptop or bypassing locked screen to create a pin#/password. Characters scroll in the box non-stop and doesn't allow me to put it in correctly to reach my home screen. I have experienced disruptions with my computer turning off on its own, cursor moving on its own, not being...
  3. Windows 10
    I can’t get into my computer. It’s stuck on bios and advanced options screen and it won’t repair with giving me a message saying it can’t. I’m not sure what else to do and I don’t want reinstall windows without consultation.
  4. Windows 7
    Plz help..!my pc was on sleep mode and i accidently unplugged it.When i started again ,after showing usual boot screen it shows a black screen sign of windows7.I know i just need to reinstall windows but i dont have enough drive space i have to completly format a drive but i dont want...
1-4 of 4 Results