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  1. Hardware
    hello everyone 13:56 i'm having problem in my pc. It worked two month very well when i built my pc. 13:57 but now it needs to remove ram and reinsert in order to boot. i haave contacted asus and transcend no on helped. 13:57 my specs are windows 10 amd a4 4020 3.2ghz asus hm68k mobo...
  2. Windows 10
    I have Asus TP200S with windows 10 and it got corrupted and stuck in boot loop. I tried to do system repair and i get the message that windows cannot be repaired. I tried to do new clean install and same this happens. Any help or recommendation of what to do next will be appreciated. Jay.
  3. Windows 10
    Hi there, I installed Win 10 on my HP laptop a few months ago. I've been using it and it seemed to work OK until it wouldn't boot up properly and leaves me in a booting up loop. I have the boot up discs from MS but I want to get a copy of all my files onto a separate harddrive before I use...
  4. Windows 10
    Hey, I hope that this post is in the right place. I was duel booting Lubuntu and Windows 10 using GRUB quite happily until the Lubuntu partition got corrupted. Not to big an issue, I went into Windows and deleted/merged the partition. I then used a USB live Lubuntu (16.10) disk to try to...
  5. Windows 10
    I wanted to extend my C: drive partition size and I used windows Disk Management tool and shrink the size of E: to create some space and a new drive. I wanted to use that space for C: but was not able to as the space wasn't to the right of C: So then I did my disk extension, using MiniTool...
  6. Archive: Windows Mobile Devices
    so I acquired a nextbook 10.1 with windows 8 on it. I upgraded to windows 10. I wanted to take windows 10 back to original install so I used that option in the windows recovery. now my nextbook boots to a black screen. I have touch support on it and the keyboard works. I made a windows 10...
  7. Windows 10
    hi, yesterday i decided to duel boot my pc with windows xp and windows 10 now my boot. ini file is written wrong and i dont know how to fix it. i am new to windows 10. i can provide any required info i just dont know where to start. i dont really want to do a clean install. TIA luke
21-27 of 27 Results