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  1. Hardware
    Hello, I have a big problem with my amd card hd 7400m. when i install the driver i get blackscreen. no mather what driver i install. Yes i have 2 GPU's, Intel hd 3000 and Amd 7400m Tried installing drivers from HP website fail amd drivers fail leshcatlabs drivers fail . Maybe my GPU is...
  2. Windows XP
    Hello I have a problem with my computer. When I start my computer in monitor show balck screen with some letters and seconds when the second end computer didn't start and show again the black screen. Can someones help me?
  3. Windows 10
    At first I attempted to perform a clean boot to fix the sudden blue screen error which would reboot after count up to 100%. Apparently I have screwed something up because after that I could not sign in so I decided to recover to factory state. Now when I reboot I first get Dell SupportAssist...
  4. Windows 8
    I've been using Windows 10 now for a few days and I gotta say I think Windows 8.1 is much better, I just built my first computer with Windows 10 and while it completes tasks perfectly well and about 40% faster, I still think the navigation around the system is slower than 8.1 ... I was told 81...
1-4 of 4 Results