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  1. Networking
    I have an oddly specific and very strange issue regarding my WiFi connection to certain mobile devices, and I’ve come here to seek help as customer services from every end have proved helpless. It started around a month ago when I purchased the Samsung Galaxy A32 5g. The phone would connect to...
  2. Networking
    I have been using my Acer Aspire 4752 Laptop (Windows 10) nicely since I have bought it, but recently, I am facing a really bad situation. Let me explain: I have no wifi icon on my Task Manager. I clicked in Network from notification bar. But there is no Wifi. I am sure that there are wifi...
  3. Networking
    'Setting' app shuts down when i click on' Manage Known Networks' in 'Wifi' under 'Network and Internet'. And when i click on the WiFi button then it pops up for a few seconds but shows nothing, then doesn't pops up again.
1-3 of 3 Results