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  1. Networking
    I have got Lenovo G500 laptop. running on windows 8.1 os. The problem I am facing is that my laptop's wifi connection speed has downgraded as compare to before. It hasnt been long since I am facing this problem. Wifi connection was pretty good and internet run smoothly earlier but now I get only...
  2. Networking
    hi ! i need help to share my cellular data connection over a tplink router to enable wifi support in my home. once i got succeed . but after installing a software (vmware) i think something got change and data connection stopped working. its just my guess that vmware causing this issue. i have...
  3. Networking
    Ok, i dont know if this was the problem to stat this off or not but i downloaded a torrent and i had to follow the instruction to get it to work. I did everything and it came to a point where it said if i countie to luanhc this program it will alter components or something but i went through...
1-3 of 3 Results