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  1. Hardware
    I just replaced the power supply in my gaming pc because it was broken, all of my other parts should work fine and I’m like 80% sure I plugged everything in correctly after quadruple checking, yet I still get the message “no hdmi/no dvi signal” when pc is hooked up to monitor I tried every port...
  2. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    Hello all! I’m in a rut :( My HP notebook won’t stay on. I start it up, it gets to the login screen, I login in with my credentials and once it’s on my desktop it shuts off after a few seconds. I believe it’s some type of virus because unfortunately before it started all of this acting up I was...
  3. All Other Software
    Hello, First of all, this is something which may be difficult to understand without using this system. To remedy this, I will try my best to explain things thoroughly and use consistent terminology throughout. I am using a piece of software to perform data transfers for my clients and I have a...
  4. Hardware
    I am at my absolute wits end with this. I have built many computers but never run into anything so persistent or destructive to my sanity: Almost exactly 1 year ago I built a computer, here is the original configuration: 5-7year old case (exact name/manufacturer unknown, is gone now) Apevia...
1-4 of 4 Results