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  1. Networking
    Over the last two weeks I've spent more time with my modem/router unplugged (trying to get it to work) than plugged in. I think it's time to replace it, but I'm not sure with what. Full disclosure: we operate a business out of our home, which requires a fair amount of uploading scanned...
  2. Hardware
    I have a very slow and heavy laptop with no battery life and a failing power cord, so i decided to buy a new one for myself. Question is: which one would attend to my needs? I am a graphic design student, so i use all the photoshops and illustrators and sony vegas of the world, as well as i...
  3. Hardware
    So.. In a short while I'll buy a new PC. I'll order it from a company who let me choose the parts and they put it together. They'll also overclock the CPU if that is possible, with no extra charge. It'll be put on a Z170 motherboard, regardless what CPU I'll choose. I can choose between 2 i7...
1-3 of 3 Results