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  1. Web & Email
    Hi I'm in the UK and use Windows 7 Professional. I have 3 browsers, Vivaldi, Maxthon & Internet Explorer. I use the All4 catch-up website for Channel 4 once a week but it will only work properly in Internet Explorer. Obviously as IE has recently had a security scare I'd like to stop using it...
  2. Web & Email
    This just started about 2 weeks ago. I have two sites that I know of that always time out and I can't logon. Currently the two sites are and all other sites I've tried work fine. I cannot connect to these sites with I.E., Chrome or Firefox. I have unistalled browsers...
  3. Networking
    Hey. I made the mistake of telling my friend I'd fix his computer. It's been a lot of work. So far I've replaced the horrid spinning HDD with an SDD, and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 onto it. This is a Sony Vaio from 2010 with a Core i5 M 480, and 6GB ram. Under seemingly light load...
  4. Web & Email
    how can i find out a website is safe or not ? and is there any online program to warn me about website and online links?
  5. Networking
    I have WIFI internet connection. It seems CERTAIN websites will make me lose internet connection and when that happens my laptop loses its network discovery - nothing under Sharing and Discovery. If they have some motion graphics on their site - not sure but suspect something about it. The only...
  6. Web Design & Development
    I want to get better at delevoping websites so I can make money from it but I don't have a computer, could anybody suggest ways to make websites on iPad that are free?
  7. Networking
    This website I go on regularly called Wire Club said service is unavailable yesterday. I freaked out because I wanted to go on it. Now I can't and I'm still confused. How long do these things take ?someone told ,e its service overload or maitence but the Facebook page said that it was a third...
  8. Networking
    I have a fibre internet connection 100mbps download nad 50mbps upload.It worked correctly until problem is that,when i go to specific sites it won't load(some times it loads after serveral minutes.)but google is loading like normally.sometime gmail is not.this also happens to youtube.but...
1-8 of 8 Results