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  1. Networking
    Hello, I wanted to start a new project for myself to get familiar with networking, databases and so on. For that i wanted to get a domain and host it on my Raspberry Pi Zero. The problem is that my ISP only provides me with DS Lite. I would like to know if it's possible for my Pi to act as a...
  2. Web Design & Development
    Hello everyone, as you guys are familiar with thread title “How to create a web portal”. So basically I’m interested in creating a web portal which takes a unique id (allotted to each and every user) and it gives the information all of that particular id. For example: In TikTok(a really famous...
  3. Web & Email
    This is highly related to my university application, so please, I am begging for help. I study in UK and now I am abroad. I tried to find a password for the website, then it said "The web application firewall has blocked access to /.../ for following reason No Signature Found" I do not know...
1-3 of 3 Results