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  1. Networking
    I want to design a campus wifi system that will have multiple SSID-VLAN(Student, Staff and Guest) over point to multipoint links. they will be authenticated with a radius server(Freeradius). the access point(APs from LigoWave) will be managed by a centralized software controller. should all the...
  2. Networking
    (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS) I am in need of suggestions or tricks, on how i accomplished something in the past that i cannot replicate now. I have a CORE Stack of network that has a downlink of fiber to a 2nd stack of The stack, houses the...
  3. Networking
    Hi, I'm looking to setup a new network with 3 VLANs. With 1 of those VLANS able to see both the other 2 VLANs. I'm also going to need it to be over 2 switches as the location of the computers are in different locations. What I'm looking for is a recommendation on what hardware I should buy or...
  4. Networking
    Hello guys, For to explain what is my problem I think its best to explain the whole situation. Im currently in a internship in a small-medium company and they assigned me to fix some issues with their internet, they told to do what i can, but I should not worry if I say i cant do it. I...
  5. Networking
    Hi I run a small business in a managed office building. I have hired two Ethernet ports for internet usage. I use three PCs as well as two VoIP phone lines. I have connected all these devices via a network switch and it was working well until two days ago. Now I have moved to a larger room in...
  6. Networking
    Hello People, I need help, I am on the verge of tears. I am using packet tracer to setup a switch but I cant ping the switch and its mac address table is not populating. I have uploaded my configs for my switch IP and VLANs can someone have a look please? Thanks, Amin
1-6 of 6 Results