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  1. Networking
    I would like to concentrate all the powerful and expensive hardware in my house to one physical box including CPU, GPU and hard disk for file storage. This server box would be running some stable Linux distribution - probably Debian. The other machines on the same LAN in the household - the...
  2. Networking
    I have a Tower that i am converting to a Dedicated server using OpenVZ Virtualization for Virtual Private Servers i got the Virtualization part figured out i can create and log into the VPS using the IP Address from the Router but that is a DHCP ip so i ordered 3 Static IP's from my ISP and they...
  3. Windows Server
    we have an old PC , running windows xp , contains very dusty accounting software , the device is under my desk , the Accounting Manger use remote Desktop to login and do his stuff , one time per month , but ,if this device somehow disconnected by any reason , he will make a scene out of it , So...
1-3 of 3 Results