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  1. Android Mobile Devices
    I have downloaded some animes in mkv ...and the subtitles are in ssa but my phones processor lags while playing that kind of videos in mx player and on vlc player other players also lags most others dosnt show video but audio only will play ...if i transfers to other phone it plays
  2. Windows 10
    A while ago, maybe a couple months ago(?) (I believe I'm on Windows 10), there was a mandatory update. Afterwards, I have had the following issues, which I've been grinning and bearing, agonizingly so: -Often, it will start running a random string of 5s (555555555555555555555555) and just keeps...
  3. Windows 10
    Since the past week, this weird thing is happening: Whenver I am trying to play any movie files (mp4, mkv etc), the player seems very laggy, sometimes it completely stops responding. I was using PotPlayer, so later I switched to KMPlayer, but it's all the same. I tried K-Lite Mega Codec Pack...
1-3 of 3 Results