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  1. Hardware
    When I play a video from a web browser lines flash across my screen for a moment. Only when playing video from a browser. This just started after a recent fresh format of my system, licensed copy of everything. It stops happening if I use AMD's screen recorder so I had to take video with my...
  2. Business Applications
    I am getting desperate. I have made a webinar presentation which is due next week and I am having problems getting the slides with video to move on to the next slide at the end. The presentation plays all the way through until it hits the first video then it starts the first video fine but...
  3. Hardware
    not sure where to post this, so i hope i picked the right forum. so i recently got a new laptop an acer aspire v3- 575G, windows 10 , 4 GB ram which i upgraded to 8, an nvidia gt 940m, intel i5 6200U. part number (according to the website from which i bought it) is - nx.g5esi.001 i updated...
1-3 of 3 Results