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  1. General Security
    Dear Lads and Gentleman, Today is my third day as a system administrator, so my overall knowledge is at pre-elementary level. I would like to hide a specific folder (name "System" in this example) on the local machine from all unpermitted users. So far I used security settings to deny access...
  2. Windows Server
    On Windows 2012 R2 I have root access and see it uses Hyper V. There are 3 virtual computers one for EZProxy, one for Deep Freeze, and one for Fog but my password isn't working on them. Is there any way I can change it as root? Before the last IT person left he changed the passwords and the...
  3. Web Design & Development
    Hi, I have posted on here before and found 50% of what I'm looking for. I am creating a website for my clients to be able to log in and update their information so that I can run their payroll. I found AuthPro which creates a complete register and login system for me that's really...
1-3 of 3 Results