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  1. Hardware
    Hello and thank you for coming to help me, I am having an issue with my microphone. My microphone will randomly work, then suddenly stop working and repeat this over and over. I have a Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone. Here is an real time example of my issue: - I launch OBS (Recording...
  2. Hardware
    I recently bought a usb microphone and it randomly disappears from my recording devices or not load at all during startup. I tried connecting it to a laptop and it hasn't had any issues there. I tried uninstalling usb drivers from the device manager and restarting but it doesn't fix the problem.
  3. Hardware
    Hey, guys! So, several months ago, my PC fell off my desk (thanks to my cat.) and I thought it had messed up some of my wires to my condenser microphone (Which feeds from my mic to my phantom power into my USB), I got new wires but they all still had this annoying buzzing sound. Finally, I gave...
  4. Multimedia
    Hello, Probably a multi-step answer. If those answers could be dumbed down enough that someone in their 80's could follow them as I am practically a luddite would be sweet. I purchased a Behringer Podcast Studio. I have a HP notebook (which I reckon is a POS), running Windows 10. I have hooked...
1-4 of 4 Results