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  1. Windows 7
    hi friends, my ps2 port of keyboard is not working, so i am using a usb keyboard but problem is it doesnt work on boot up, so my problems are - i can't enter boot options -in case of some unwanted shutdowns nnot able to select right options what can i do? suggest me my system config is as...
  2. Hardware
    Hey, I'm having some issues with my keyboard(s). It's not a sticky key/dusty key issue because no matter what keyboard I hook up to my computer the same key does not work. I am using a G15 Logitech keyboard at the moment and I also tried using my Black Widow Razer keyboard but switching devices...
  3. Hardware
    I use ThinkPad Lenovo and I bought myself an external wireless USB keyboard to be able to play games in front of my big TV screen, which I connect to my laptop via VGA and audio wires. All seems to work well, I have the wireless keyboard plugged in via a USB receiver, and it works (the main...
1-3 of 3 Results