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  1. General Security
    Apologies in advanced if I'm posting in the wrong forum and for making such a long post. I'm an old man who tends to ramble. I was wondering if there's a way to be 100% certain if a USB flash drive is completely free of viruses, malware, and/or ransomware? I occasionally use a flash drive to...
  2. Hardware
    - Is it possible to Delete to recycle bin when having and external backup medium such as HD or USB flash drive? - Is it ok to have a usb flash drive as a full backup medium? I am looking to get a 2TB usb flash drive as my main backup medium! @zx10guy @737Simpilot Due to your experience...
  3. Windows 8
    I have an HP Pavilion - 15-ab165us (ENERGY STAR) User Guide - Windows 8.1 When I first purchased this computer, I th0ught I had correctly saved the recovery on a flash drive. My hard drive died. I bought a solid state drive and was going to use the recovery that I thought I had saved on flash...
1-3 of 3 Results