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  1. Hardware
    hi, i've gone through two mice and now my third is giving me issues; first my g302's mouse wheel button stopped working, my g300s was double clicking and now my brand new g302 isn't letting me click/drag. i think im having issues with my usb ports? let's find out! Tech Support Guy System Info...
  2. Hardware
    Hey guys! I just bought this pc 4 months ago and I realised i haven't bought a Network board. I want to connect my bluetooth headphones and I saw this usb bluetooth . If I buy one and connect it to my pc (pc without a network board) will it work? P.S I haven't got bluetooth on my pc
  3. Hardware
    I just equipped a headphone amplifier/DAC (FiiO E10K) for my hi-fi headphones (Philips SHP9500), which is connected to my desktop: [Desktop > AMP > Headphones]. I got a message from Windows saying that I don't have enough resources for the controller. It seems like I only get this message when...
  4. Other Operating Systems
    My friend had attempted to boot the Windows 10 OS on a Chromebook but had recently moved away and didn’t finish. Apparently I need a bootable USB to connect to it in order to put Windows on there? All i want at this point is to go back to the Chrome OS. Any tips?
1-4 of 4 Results