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  1. Networking
    Hey all, I'm currently subscribed to TWC's internet and phone plan, and I'm paying for 50mb/s internet, but my router and modem are only capable of putting out an average of 13-16mb/s. Also, since I'm paying to lease one of TWC's modems, I want to cut out that $10/month fee. Thus, I want to...
  2. Networking
    My connection has been messing up for more than 6 months now. At random, my modem will reset itself. Yet the power light is still on? Sometimes it will take 2 minutes to finish reset or 30 minutes because it continues to reset after it finished. It gets me frustrated that at times i can't use...
  3. Networking
    I am getting "low bandwidth" error messages when using Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming for the last couple of months. The show will play for a minute or two and then there's a buffer overrun. Sometimes it catches up but usually not and I have to exit the video. They play through...
1-3 of 3 Results