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  1. Hardware
    Hi my Toshiba Satellite P70-B-10T laptop won’t turn on, the on light just flashes, tried the cold reset but doesn’t help, anyone have an idea how to fix this issue? Many thanks
  2. Hardware
    I had to do factory reset and delete bc I forgot password then it says no bootable device so I went into bios boot mode is in black while other options are blue. It want let me select boot mode
  3. Hardware
    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1EH laptop. My laptop starts but the screen keeps black. The light of my Caps-Lock and Num-Lock doesn't work but normally it works. I think it doesn't work because my laptop has a black screen. I tried the method with unplugging the battery and holding...
  4. Windows 8
    I bought a Toshiba Tecra R940 last summer used online. Yesterday the computer started making a high-ish pitches buzzing noise in the middle of the usage. I continued using my laptop as normal, but later tried to restart the laptop to get rid of the buzzing. I haven't been able to login since...
  5. Hardware
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7232 laptop with a windows 10 operating system. Recently I go a replacement for my processor chip. I wanted to replace my AMD A8-4500 M Series chip with a AMD A10-5700 M Series chip. The chip was in good condition with no bent pins and matched up fully to the...
  6. Windows 8
    I know that there are a lot of threads around the internet about this. But in their case, it randomly happened. I accidentally created this issue on my computer. I went to do a factory reset on my Toshiba Satellite C55 computer and i accidentally clicked reset hard drive and I cancelled at 1%. I...
1-6 of 6 Results